Implementing PAYS® in Your State or At Your Utility

PAYS® can be tailored to individual gas, electric, and water utilities to best meet the needs of each utility and its customers.

PAYS® was created by Harlan Lachman and Paul A. Cillo of the Energy Efficiency Institute, Inc. EEI is committed to working with legislators, policymakers, energy efficiency and renewable energy advocates, utilities, and regulators to develop a PAYS® infrastructure that effectively stimulates resource efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed generation purchases consistent with local economic realities and long-range plans. Please contact EEI for more information or download one of our papers describing the Pay As You Save® system or one of our recent presentations about PAYS®.

The PAYS® trademark is available at little or no cost to utilities who wish to implement programs based on the Pay As You Save® system and use the trademark as part of the program’s name (e.g., Windsor Efficiency PAYS®). Utilities, regulators, and advocates are required to include the trademark when referring to the Pay As You Save® system in order to indicate programs that comply with all of the essential elements.